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Cosmic Soul 

Urban Electronic Music for Relaxed People 

With the Project Cosmic Soul i follow my musical roots. I am a kid from the 80ties and 90ties, growing up listeining to Funk, Soul, Hip Hop and Acid Jazz. I was a Hip Hop DJ myself back in the days before House  Music was my Life. So all that influence is in Cosmic Soul. 

Our Story 

During Corona me and my Studio partner Axel Latta  became an offer to produce content for a TV Station. The musical Genre was suposed to be Lounge music. We started working on that but during that process we realised that we had so much fun making this so we contiuned and made over 60 tracks while the world was locked down. Sony Records became interessted and signed all the tracks and the whole Cosmic Soul Project. And here we are. 


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